Chu nom writing a check

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This demotic writing system, called Chu Nom, or “the southern script,” existed beside Chinese writing into the early 20th century when both Chinese and Chu Nom were supplanted by a Roman alphabetical script, first proposed in by the Jesuit priest Alexandre de Rhodes.

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Sino-Vietnamese characters (Vietnamese: Hán Nôm) The Han-Nom Institute was founded in Hanoi in to collect and study documents written in the traditional script. to Vietnam after the Han Empire conquered the country in BC.

Independence was achieved inbut the Chinese writing system was adopted for official purposes in ‘A smaller portion of their literature was written in chu nom, a writing system that uses a combination of Chinese characters to transcribe Vietnamese sounds.’ ‘I made my own money, transcribing notes for Jeremy's growing translation business, and I paid for my tickets, so what was the big deal?’.

Chữ Nôm is the logographic writing system of the Vietnamese language. It is based on the Chinese writing system but adds a high number of new characters to make it fit the Vietnamese language. It is based on the Chinese writing system but adds a high number of new characters to make it fit the Vietnamese Logographic.

Chu nom writing a check
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