Emotional expression in written essays and psychotherapy

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4 Journaling Exercises to Help You Manage Your Emotions

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Written emotional disclosure: what are the benefits of expressive writing in psychotherapy? /

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"Journals are like a checkpoint between your emotions and the world," writes clinical psychologist Beth Jacobs, Ph.D, in her valuable workbook Writing for Emotional Balance: A Guided Journal to.

Cognitive and emotional changes in written essays and therapy interviews. Kaell A. Effects of Writing About Stressful Experiences on Symptom Reduction in Patients. Expressive writing is one such technique that has been used successfully in several controlled studies. A brief written emotional expression exercise developed by.

Conflict over emotional expression: Psychological and physical correlates. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Writing About Emotional Experiences as a Therapeutic Process

; 58 (5)– Kraft CA, Lumley MA, D’Souza PJ, Dooley JA. Emotional approach coping and self-efficacy moderate the effects of written emotional disclosure and relaxation training for people with migraine headaches. affective arousal and linguistic output in a computer vs.

paper paradigm. content of the emotional essays and reported that there were virtually no differences in terms of psychotherapy and written expression about a stressful or .

Emotional expression in written essays and psychotherapy
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4 Journaling Exercises to Help You Manage Your Emotions