Externalizing machines

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“Companies are externalizing machines”

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“Companies are externalizing machines”

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The Perfect Externalizing Machine

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Today's corporations have been called "externalizing machines" because they are so committed to keeping much of the real costs of their activities off the books.

This chapter discusses specific ways in which the laws governing the American corporation and the social thinking from which they arise can lead to corporate irresponsibility, revealing that while it is true that corporations are widely thought of as treating their employees better today, there is some evidence that the reality is otherwise.

It argues that many of the American corporations. Cost externalizing is a socioeconomic term describing how a business maximizes its profits by off-loading indirect costs and forcing negative effects to a third party.

The Externalizing Machine Case Study Solution & Analysis

An externalized cost is known to economists as a negative externality. Sep 16,  · “Companies are externalizing machines” This quote is from Greg Dalton of the Commonwealth Club/Climate One, during a recent talk on ecosystem services (link to full podcast). It touches a nerve that is at the heart of the discussion about whether our society should innovate or regulate our way to sustainability.

Joel Bakan argues that corporation are “externalizing machines”. Based on The Corporation, develop and defend a thesis/idea concerning the ethical consequences of companies externalizing costs. The corporation is an assembly of many members into one body, a legal personality, working toward achievement of a special goal.

Profists can be increased by keeping wages low and real social, environmental, and economic costs externalized, borne by society at large and not by the firm.

Externalizing Machines

Today's corporations have been called "externalizing machines" because they are so committed to keeping much of the real costs of their activities off the books.

Externalizing machines
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