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Hamptonshire Express Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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Stocking Quantity Daily Expected Iron 1. A security code is added protection against credit card fraud. It is a 3 or 4 digit number appearing on the front or back of your credit card. Arjun R. Sabhaya Production Hamptonshire Express October 16, PROBLEM #1 A.

Hamptonshire Express

The simulated function given in the Excel spreadsheet “Hamptonshire Express: Problem_#1” allows the user to find the optimal quantity of newspapers to be stocked at the newly formed Hamptonshire Express Daily Newspaper.

Hamptonshire Express Problem #1 a. How many newspapers should Sheen stock (i.e., order from the printer)? Use the simulation in the spreadsheet “Hamptonshire Express: Problem #1” to identify the optimal stocking quantity.1 What is the profit at this stocking quantity?

After using Solver in Excel, I found that Sheen should stock pieces of newspapers%(16). Problem #1. One of the ways to find the optimal ordering quantity is to use sensitivity analysis in "Hamptonshire Express: Problem 1" model by substituting numbers into the model to examine the relationships between ordering quantity and profit.1/5(2).

Presents a series of problems that face a newspaper publisher, including inventory level, effort level, subsidy for unsold inventory, and commission for sales. Each problem is accompanied by one or more spreadsheets. Students must make various operational decisions.

The optimal stocking quantity is according to the spreadsheet in the simulation, which is a decrease from in problem #3 because in the event that the Express stocks out, Ralph still makes a profit from 40% of customers who will buy the Private.

Hamsptonshire express
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