Hospitality in cruise line

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Career Opportunities in the Cruise Industry

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Oracle Hospitality Cruise Technology

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Discover other Cruise technology innovations and how to face the challenges of this industry. The cruise line company “Telemarkskanalen Skipsselskap” was founded in and is owned by tourism enthusiast Thor Morten Halvorsen (through Thor Halvorsen Holding AS).

Telemarkskanalen Skipsselskap AS – Company number: mva co/ Norwegian Hospitality Group AS. Apr 03,  · Once the largest cruise ship in the world, it is now one of the oldest and smallest in the Royal Caribbean fleet, barely a third the size of the line’s ,gt Oasis Class ships.

Peter Knego. Creating unforgettable vacation experiences for our Guests is the primary motivation of our dedicated Disney Cruise Line crew. Year after year, we’ve earned recognition as a leader by not only travel professionals and hospitality industry groups, but—most importantly—by Guests like you.

Norwegian Cruise Line Career Opportunities. Corporate Employment. We have exciting land-based opportunities at our corporate offices in Miami, Florida. In addition, we have sales and reservations offices in Sunrise, Florida and Mesa, Arizona.

If you think you have what it takes to be a part of our future, click below to view available.

Hospitality in cruise line
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What is a Cruise Director? - Best Hospitality Degrees