Lung cancer case studies

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Case Studies

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Lung Cancer: A Case Study

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Lung cancer

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Ones who follow a variety closest to this " Mediterranean " punch are less likely as their essays with eating habits understanding from this pattern to begin chronic lung disease. Small cell lung cancer (SCLC) is shown in this image. SCLC accounts for approximately 15% of bronchogenic carcinomas, according to the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

Smoking is the most common cause of SCLC. The earlier in life a person started smoking and the greater the frequency, the greater the risk of development of SCLC.

CASE STUDY 1. Patient H is a man, 60 years of age, who has been admitted twice previously to City Memorial Medical Center for treatment of his small cell lung cancer.


Nurse S has been his WTW case manager each time. This admission, she greets Patient H like an old friend. Lung cancer is an aggressive and heterogeneous disease. 1,2 Advances in surgical, radiotherapeutic, and chemotherapeutic approaches have been made, but the long-term survival rate remains low.

3. Oct 11,  · Small cell lung cancer (SCLC), previously known as oat cell carcinoma, is considered distinct from other lung cancers, which are called non–small cell lung cancers (NSCLCs) because of their clinical and biologic characteristics.

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the tissues of the lung. The lungs are a pair of cone-shaped breathing organs in the chest. The lungs bring oxygen into the body as you breathe in.

They release carbon dioxide, a waste product of the body's cells, as you breathe lung has sections called left lung has two lobes. The risk of lung cancer did not vary with age, due to cases and controls being frequency matched on 5-year age group to improve the efficiency of the study.

A family history of lung cancer was associated with an increased risk of .

Lung cancer case studies
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