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Reading Every Issue of The New Yorker

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Edwin Roman

In an essay for the New Yorker, iconic actress Molly Ringwald, who starred in films like 16 Candles and The Breakfast Club, opens up about her limited experience with Weinstein, and how she dealt. In this photo essay, he took readers inside the lives of a Brazilian boy, Flavio da Silva, and his family, who lived in a favela in the hills outside Rio de Janeiro.

LENS Photographing. Jul 16,  · A New Yorker in New Mexico: A Photo Essay. New Mexico.

Edwin Roman

Those who know me well have heard me endlessly rave lovingly about this magical place. New Mexicans refer to their state as, “the land of enchantment” — and it is exactly that! It has culture. Last week, I wrote about the addition of Jane Jacobs's home on Hudson Street to the AIA Guide (the initials stand for the American Institute of.

Inthe South African photographer Sam Haskins published a book called “Five Girls,” a study in black and white of the nude female form. Three .

New yorker photo essay
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A New Yorker in New Mexico: Seeing Red, A Photo Essay | Edwin Roman