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This the normal Sting fitness Nz page will still stay the same but if you go to my other page @the_raw_sting It’s gonna be more story based so I don’t have to write and just keep it real with my ups and downs for the next eight weeks on my challenge.

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Our students gain invaluable experience at the ‘coal face' of the personal training, health and fitness industry with work placements during study. Workshops We provide a range of specialsied workshops including Group Fitness, Sport Massage, Sport Strapping, Speed Training, Swiss Ball Training and Yoga.

Fitness industry regulation; Fitness industry regulation.

Fitness industry growth areas New Zealand 2014

Operate as a fitness provider. There are certain legal requirements for the fitness industry. Find out about what you need to do if you are a fitness supplier.

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Create and use membership agreements. The fitness industry is in good shape. Fitness has been a growth industry during the past couple decades.

U.S. health club industry revenue reached $ billion as memberships totaled million inaccording to the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA).

Industry revenue increased from by 5%, while memberships grew by %.

Fitness Centers & Health Clubs Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Key Benefits of Membership. In a nutshell, we are here to help support the exercise and fitness industry in New Zealand. We are a non-profit membership-based organisation – our members own us.

The NZ REPs requires all exercise professionals to reregister annually to ensure their ongoing education is up-to-date and continue to agree to the industry code of conduct. The /10 reregistration is due by 1 October.

Nz fitness industry
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