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Because leadership styles are directly related to leaders’ self-concept and organizational functions, researchers are increasingly interested in the study of leadership. Max Weber: Essays in Sociology, pp. 77‐, New York: Oxford what politics as a vocation means and what it can mean.

Now to our subject matter. [Politics and the State] 2. What do we understand by politics? The concept is extreme- domination exercised by a charismatic leader. 4. A leader can accomplish this by treating every job as an adventure, by deciding that each day is an opportunity to learn something new or to discover better ways of accomplishing things, the leader is more able to initiate changes that would be for the greater good of the group.

Some examples of famous charismatic leaders include Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Margaret Thatcher. Charismatic leaders are generally those people who possess certain qualities that inspire people and encourage devotion to a certain cause.

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The charismatic leader is also seen to be an object of identification by which the followers evaluate the leaders’ values, goals, and behavior. Thus, one of the effects of the charismatic leader is to cause followers to model their behavior, feelings, and cognitions.

Charismatic Politics Leader Charismatic Leadership and its Effect on Politics in History. The role of charismatic leadership in modern political history can be considered a controversial topic.

Politics essays charismatic politics leader
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